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 memo pad for iOS


​Happy Memo

handwritten memo pad

Always in your pocket.

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handwritten application

Happy Memo

​Ver. 1.8

Lightness and practicality necessary for Notepad


 To take a note,  open this application and click the edit button.

You can write handwritten memos easily without using the keyboard.

Please experience the lightness with various gesture operations.

Adoption of light handwriting input and unique editing function


 When drawing characters, use the input area (Input-Palette) appearing from the bottom.

Since this palette is four times bigger than the memo line, you can easily write characters at your fingertip.


Because this palette is large enough to protrude from the smartphone-screen, you need to scroll it left and right with your finger while handwriting input .(combined with auto-scroll)

 Also, using the red edit panel that appears when you press the button on the palette, you can partially modify and change the contents of the already written memo.

After deciding the correction range with your fingertip, select one of the edit buttons on this panel. When you tap the OK button, the editing result is displayed on the palette.

 ”Overwrite ", " Insert ", " Delete ", " Clear " are prepared as edit buttons.


Features of this application, unique functions


1) This application is a simple notepad with 32 lines / page × 30 pages.

In addition, you can attach a small memo page of 8 lines on each line.

2) One line of the memo page is configured as one image canvas.

Also, In the input-palette, this campus is displayed in an enlarged form.

And you can write handwritten notes with your fingertip as if you were drawing a picture.

3) In this application,you can make it operate lightly with various gestures .

- Swipe horizontally on the memo page screen to move the page back and forth.

- You can toggle display / hide the Input -palette by "long press" the memo line.

- Other than that, you can change the drawing line width by "double tapping" the pen icon on palette.

4) By using the editing function, it is also easy to modify and rewrite already written memo lines.

5) Index page is automatically created from all page contents.

You can open the desired page directly from here.

So,you can easily manage pages by category.

Application example of this memo pad

· Schedule of travel etc.

· To Do List

· Diary, reading notes

· Recipe note

· Ideas, inspirational notes

· Memorandum, draft

· Recording

· Purchase wish item information


You can use this application in many other ways.

For both iPhone and iPad

When using on a large screen such as IPad, more characters can be written on one line.

This application has built-in "start guide (operation manual)" and you can see directly while using the application.

Handwritten memopad

Built-in operation manual

( Version 1.8.0 )

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